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– B.J. And N.J., Solon, OH

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We Stand for Justice.

Our lawyers have more than 96 years of combined experience between them, giving them the knowledge and perseverance to guide you through the legal system. Our skilled litigators have been honored by SuperLawyers, an accolade given to only the best legal professionals in the State of Ohio. For a free introductory consultation, please call or contact us. You can talk confidentially with one of our attorneys. We only get paid if we are successful in getting you a settlement or verdict.


Personal Injury Lawyers & Car Accident Attorneys Serving Cleveland

Located at the heart of Cleveland’s historical Public Square in the 55 Public Square Building, we are dedicated to fighting for justice.

To schedule your FREE initial consultation, call us today at 216-529-9377. Or, if you prefer to speak to an attorney via email, send a message on our Contact page. We also offer home consultations.


Will I Have to Pay if I Lose?

Not at all. We offer free consultations on a contingency basis, and won’t charge any fees unless we win your case.

What Can I Do to Prepare for My Free Consultation?

If you plan to file a personal injury claim in Cleveland or elsewhere in Ohio, you must act promptly. There are stringent time constraints in filing claims, and crucial evidence can disappear id you delay.

After seeking medical attention, speak to an attorney right away. A lawyer can handle all conversations with the insurance company and help you avoid making mistakes.

To prepare for your initial consultation, try to obtain the following important documentation:

  • Images or videos of the accident.
  • Contact information of everyone involved, including witnesses.
  • Contact information for any involved insurance companies (do not, however, discuss details of the accident with insurers until you have spoken to your attorney).
  • Evidence of lost income and injuries, such as payslips and medical documents.

The insurance company will require a statement soon after the accident, so you should call a lawyer immediately, even if you have not had time to prepare for the consultation.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect?

In the wake of an injury, you may face a mountain of expenses in addition to pain and suffering. Our Cleveland personal injury lawyers can study your situation, evaluate the evidence, and support you in your quest to get the settlement you rightly deserve.

The compensation you receive for your injuries will depend on factors such as:

Your Ability to Earn an Income

Settlement talks might be significantly influenced by whether or not you can still earn an income. While some injuries can completely prevent a victim from working, others partially restrict their ability to do so. A plaintiff for a personal injury claim may be entitled to recover lost wages in either circumstance.

Strong Evidence 

Strong supporting documentation is required to establish culpability and demonstrate the validity of your claim. Videos, pictures, a personal injury journal, medical data, and income records are a few examples of what might be used as evidence.

Treatment Costs 

Expenses related to medical treatment can have a significant impact on the total value of a personal injury claim. This can include anything from diagnostic imaging, medication, and surgeries to physical therapy or more.

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